A pretty cool west coast state.

- Not everything is a picture perfect beach like MTV wants you to believe. They have ghettos, deserts, boring suburbs, just like the rest of america. However I've been to La Jolla Beach, San Diego and the water was beautiful, so I'm not saying there are no good beaches, I'm saying that that there is more to the state than beaches.

- I don't get why people from Cali brag about how "ghetto" their state is. Being ghetto isn't a good thing, it means you are more likely to be killed, get an std, and be poor. But a lot of rappers come from California, tupac,dre, snoop dog, e-40, mac dre, etc. so they have contributed to the hip-hop industry

- Not everyone is hot. Yes, there are very beautiful people living in California but be realistic, around 30 million people live there, do you think that every last one of them is hot? Especially since a large number of them are little kids, old people, and fat people.

- I don't get why we have this East Coast Vs. West coast thing. How bout we accept the facts that we have different styles but we both offer a lot of good things? I was born in New York and I don't hate the west coast that would stupid. How can you hate a place just becuase it's not where you live? When people say the East Coast sucks, they're dissing states from Maine to Florida, so your basically dissing America which if your from the west coast is your country as well.

- Yes Illegal immigration is a problem but it's still a problem in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida and other states to. I live in New Jersey and we have the same problem so it's not California. Also don't be so harsh, yes Illegal should be documented and put on goverment records but if they wanna work, become Americans, and support their family than good for them.

- Lots of cool cities, San Fran, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego.

So overall I love California as a state.
East Coast Vs. West Coast is stupid. California is great and so is New York. America rocks.
by Jersey Kid January 22, 2008
Greatest. Place. In. The. World.

what more to say. California has it all!

California. it says it all.
by sebastoin pequot March 02, 2007
Only the greatest state in the U.S. Hot girls, sunny weather, beaches, surfing, L.A., and people who actually care about their appearance. What more could you possibly want from a state? I'm moving there after I finish college. I've had enough of Illinois' cornfields and wide open spaces. Wish I lived closer to Chicago. California here I come!
I love you, California.
by Jarrod goes to J.J.C. May 22, 2006
The Golden State and the most loved and hated state in the United States.

1. The nations top agriculture state for over 50 years.
2. The most diverse state in America.
3. Most populous.
4. Most national parks.
5. The 5th largest economy in the world.
6. Tallest and largest trees in the world.
7. Highest mountain in the lower 48 states. Sorry Colorado.
8. Lowest and hottest place in Western Hemisphere. Death Valley.
9. Large cosmopolitan cities like SF, LA, San Diego and small towns like Julian, Lone Pine and Buellton.
10.Excellent weather
11.Beautiful beaches including a chain of islands off the coast.
12.Religous tolerance.
13.Racial meltingpot.
14.Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, Channel Islands, Mount Shasta, Central Valley, El Camino Real, SF Bay, LA Basin, Tomales Bay, Santa Barbara coast....
15.Great UC colleges.
16.Great aerospace heritage. Movie heritage. Agriculture heritage.
17.Beautiful women.
18.Golden Gate Bridge
19.Great musical heritage (rock, jazz and country)
20.Home of American Graffiti--one of the best movies of all time.

I could go on---but suffice it to say that if a state is the most loved and hated--then it has to be the best. Just like America is the most loved and hated nation.

I was born in Texas but moved to Cali as a kid and have loved it ever since. Anything you want is in Cali. Snow, sun, forests, lakes, deserts, beaches, rivers, wine country, farmland.

I am proud of my home state.
Joe Shmoe: "California sucks!"
Californian: "Oh? Where did you go?"
Joe: "Disneyland, Hollywood Blvd. A bunch of freaks!"
Californian: "You haven't been to the real California."
by Cali Traveler December 01, 2007
The best state ever with rich people and also gangstas not racist like texas and best besches, great weather home to the most popular city L.A peoople who talk shit are ajust jelous that there state sucks. You wish your governor would be as famous as ours
If you haven't been to Cali and you talk shit then you should just go suck the huge dick with all the other haters
by Cali Girl March 07, 2005
The state with thte best mexican food outside of Mexico.
Lets go to California and get some good burritos.
by Clinker May 31, 2008
One of the most expensive places to live with out of control spending, development, and crime. It's a myth that you can drive from surf to snow in So-Cal, as it takes 45 minutes just access the freeway. Oh and forget about being neighborly or lending a helping hand on the highway. There are too many over stressed and whacked out soccer moms waiting to mow you down while trying get back to their stucco Monopoly Mansions.

And what's with all the palm trees? I've lived here all my life and to this day I can't figure out why someone decided to import these hideous things that don't even grow here (except the date palms in Coachella.

So, if you want to live in a state with no seasons, Santa Ana winds, wild fires, suffocating taxes, draconian gun laws, spineless law enforcement (Paris Hilton) "special emission standards", more people than Canada and where a 1100 sq ft 2bd house in an "ok" neighborhood will run about $400,000, then by all means, move here.

If you do, I've gotta bridge to sell you so I can make enough money to get the hell out.

Oh yeah, forget the beaches (save for central coast), they are either over run by asshat surfers and Bros who think they have exclusive rights to the ocean or, they've been bought up by rich celebs. So, maybe, if you are lucky, you can sit on the 91, 405, 55 for about 2-3 hours, pay 15 to park in space that took 30 minutes to find, then trudge a 1/4 mile to sit on the hot sand with 500,000 other people that had the same great idea on Saturday.

California sucks.
California Native: "Ive had it, another tax, another school bond, higher gas, I'm cashing in my $300,000 in equity. I'll buy a bigger house out of state and work half as much. See ya suckers!"
by Fartnocker June 11, 2007

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