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Functions as an adjective, noun, or verb.

Adjective - The antithesis of reasonable. Completely ridiculous in a way that is not intentional.

Noun - The state of being caleedity; random insanity.

Verb (to caleedity, caleedities, caleeditied, etc.) - To expose someone to caleedity.
adjective - The babbling junkie, extremely high on LSD, was acting in a caleedity manner.

noun - The compiler began to spit out all kinds of caleedity on the screen.

verb - That woman caleedities me all the time.
by meabolex November 15, 2004
a situation that is beyond reason, fucked up, no understanding, random insanity.
That crazy professor's explanation of the problem was caleedity
by Darren Edwin October 12, 2004
Being in love, because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!
I just don't get it...I'm totally caleeditied
by C April 19, 2005