A person or people from Calabria in Sicily, whom Italians feel are the stubbornest people in the world.

The old tale goes like this:

Jesus was walking down a road when he came upon a man from Calabria. He asked the man, "Where are you going?", and the man replied "God or no God, I go to Calabria". So Jesus turned him to stone for a day.

The next day Jesus came back, restored the man to his original form and asked the same question, "Where are you going?", and the man replied "God or no God, I go to Calabria". So Jesus turned him to stone for a week.

This went on for a month, a year, 5 years, 10 and then 20 years, all with the same results. Finally Jesus threw his hands in the air and said, "There is no gourd thicker than the skull of a Calabrese" and he allowed him to complete his journey.
From Sicily, "What are you, a Calabrese?"
by Xantor September 30, 2005
Top Definition
Thos who derive from Calabria, The southern most region of the Italian mainland. They are more like Sicilians then northern Italians. Both have the dark skin, dark hair and very similar dialects.
Are u italian, yea im Calabrese.

1: Tu sei siciliana
2: no no Sono calabrese
by Rizzuto killa April 08, 2005
1.) A native of the southernmost region of the Italian mainland, Calabria.

2.) A descendant of an Italian from Calabria.
Many Calabrese immigrated to America in the early 20th century.
by Urban Dictionary April 12, 2004
An Italian from Calabria, of which most are known to be Hard Headed. Although any stuborn Italian can be called a Calabrese, to be called Calabrese and not be from there is very derogatory.
That Joey can be so Calabrese sometimes. You could hit him in the head with a bat and he would still not get it!
by Miko C December 29, 2005
someone who is hard-headed or stubborn
I'm a Calabrese you nut!
by Mawrter March 15, 2006
a guy that is lookin forward to smash your face if u say shit about anyone of his friends,a guy gurls seem to like but can be an asshole sometimes, but hes only kidding
yo im gunna call up calabrese to beat the shit outta you
by Wop November 11, 2003
Someone who has unusually large genitalia.
Fred is a calabrese, he is hung like a horse.
by Dave April 08, 2005
An Italian last name derived from the region of Calabria. People with this last name are typically fighters and will defend their honor no matter what. They typically live in the regions of New Jersey and Maryland. They are semi famous around those areas. The name is now given to (been passed down and mixed with different races/ethinicities) people who are like .5% Italian and 99.5% Irish, but they claim the Italian side because everyone knows Italians do it better. Some are a part of the mafia. If you are a Calabrese, you are lucky.
Person 1: Aye that bad shawd is a Calabrese
Person 2: She's ugly

*both laugh*
Calabrese: BITCH THE FUCK YOU JUST SAY?!?!? *with machine gun*
*Person 1 and 2 run off*
by KNOWDAGIRL March 27, 2013
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