Another step up passed juz cakin it
Marcell - So whats up wit you and Mahogany?
Deondre - Well if you really wanna know, we just moved past the cakin it stage in now we all caked up.
by Bow Chicka Wow Wow92 November 10, 2009
A reference to someone's culinary skills, preferably in baking.

Paul wall outlines his family's history as bakers,
quite well-known in the Houston area...
"I got that paper 'cause I'm caked up like Betty Crocker."
~ Paul Wall - Way I Be Leanin', by Juvenile..
(Feat. Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Skip, Wacko)
by BHTX84 June 24, 2006
High, Blazed, under the influence of trees.
Quoted from Young L: "I'm eaither making beats, or im caked up, I just gotta keep it lit"

I was so caked up on that puple.
by SLEEPi November 11, 2007
are you a rich african america brutha?

excuse us crackers's for not understanding.
that nigga is straight caked up....damn
by ugh March 12, 2003
With a guy / girl you like or flirt with . . Cuddleing with eachother or just super close body to body .
Who you tryna be " Caked up " with at the movies ?
by ChyMoney March 29, 2015

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