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To stack and save your dollars
i'm workin two jobs. damnit i'm tryin to cake up!
by SherLocke- July 23, 2006
describes the application of excessive amounts of facial cosmetics.
Bitchy friend A: Sophie's facial rosacia is acting up again. She looks like shit.
Bitchy friend B: No wonder she was wearing cake-up when I saw her at the club last night. Not that it helped any.


Look at that bitch. She's wearing so much cake-up she looks like a drag queen.
by Matthew Lake June 10, 2006
A word used to describe the excessive application of facial cosmetics
DAMN ... that skank's foundation is so thick it might as well be called cake-up.
by Matthew Lake June 03, 2006
a girl who wears way too much makeup
she looks orange
you can really tell the girls caked it on.
oh my god that girl's cakeup

you could alsu say

she's cake/cakin'
by Clayton Reid July 28, 2006
a massive amount of make up applied to the female face
"wow, she's cute!"
"yeah if your into cake-up" or,
"when she hugged me she got her cake up all over my white shirt"
by uhh-hmm? April 09, 2009
Makeup that's applied over last night's makeup
I'm so hungover. I stayed out too late and woke up five minutes before I had to be at work. Check out my cakeup.
by Cobretta October 17, 2012
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