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When you have a lot of money
Bovice:You got change for a ten
Orison:Naw all i got is 10 50 dollar bills
Bovice:Damn you caked out today
by Mr. 301 July 21, 2008
1. to have way too much of something be in a bakery
1.yo, i'm totally caked out on those chicken wings - im gonna explode if i eat anymore
2.::ringung cell phone::
"where are you dude"
"oh im caked out, ya know?"
by juliemonster January 29, 2004
When a girl has way too much makeup on, to the point that it looks caked on.
"Dude, that girl is so hot!"

"Yeah right man, look at her face. She's totally caked out."
by alex November 30, 2006
A word in black toungue meaning that one is going soft.
yo, don't shake his hand, you'll get icing on your sleeve.
by earl nelson January 05, 2005

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