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to fall asleep abruptly; to totally pass out
This weed is so good! I'm gonna cake out as soon as I come home, man.
by Rome420 December 14, 2008
To make out with a chick when one (or both of you) have cake on your face. Tastes good AND feels good.
J and C were hanging out and they found part of a friend's birthday cake. They cut it in half and smashed their faces in it. As they were walking around, they realized, "hey, if we made out with someone right now, it would be fucking awesome... dood. CAKE OUT!!"
by Wommider April 02, 2010
Making out for a short/ brief period of time. Usually lasts between 5-30seconds at most.
Justin and Ashlyn had a cakeout in the hall after school.

by xXxFRAZZERRxXx March 05, 2007
Cake Out (v.)-Cake Out means to fuck someone's asshole til blood or an excrement don't come out of his/her ass.
Cake Out (n.)-A person who lies a lot.A biggest liar.Totally fake person.
"Now shut the fuck up Christina,otherwise I'll cake out you"!
by Ra Skull April 28, 2011
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