another term for diareah aka loose shit.
after a night of drinking and smoking, mason left some cake batter in the toliet. Can also be used as a verb. Nick cake battered after a night of chinese food and wine
by NRB155 January 27, 2006
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Cake batter is the elusive middle-state shit that is not quite hard but not quite loose or watery, but somewhere in between. Prominent indicators of cake batter are the large amount of fecal matter left clinging to the ass/hair as well as the need to exceed the nominal wipe count in order achieve maximum cleanliness.
Much like a quality meringue, Adam's cake batter exhibited well formed peaks in both the bowl and his ass.
by teh collective January 13, 2010
A person composed of more than one race.

Coined by AMW aka JD Jr. in the cold winter days of Janurary 09 in order to describe a certain sorority sister.
That girl is a batch of cake batter.
by wwmcd January 28, 2009
for something that was just out of this world, amazing
ex: "Dude that top is better than cake batter."
by MaryWash November 28, 2011

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