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Short term for 'casual,' im fine, im good.
Person no.1: " yo, you kool boss? "
Person no.2: " yeayea, im cajj "
by Bosslady121 August 24, 2010
cajj ; short for casual, used to describe a state of relaxation or comfort.
Example 1

Person 1 : "Do you want some of my drink?"
Person 2 : "Im cajj, i already have one."

Example 2

Person 1 : " Are you okay, you look worried?"
Person 2 : " Na im cajj"
by Cajjman November 12, 2011
Abbreviation for casual - used more as a stand-alone statement rather than in an adjectival form. Originally coined in 2009 by Sara Last and Grace Lieberson.
"Just downed a pint of vodka - cajj"
by che su maare September 12, 2011
1. This is a word you might to use in an awkward sexual sitiuation, or just to imply that you want to get inside somebody's pants. Or possibly rip thier pants off.

2. One might also use this word to confuse the buddies (aka. the weaker-minded people).
So how was that cajj party last night?
Hey, wanna cajj?
Yeah, so Jim and Bob were cajjing last night on a camping trip, and Jimmy boy a little too rough causing Bob to vacate the tent.
by Asperella and Phylis December 11, 2009