"C'aint". The space between a man's genitals and anus.

Male equivalent of T'aint.
C'aint suck it, and c'aint fuck it.

There is duck butter on my c'aint.
by Todd X May 10, 2007
Top Definition
Synonym for the contraction "can't".
"Man... a niggah cain't getta break..."
by Zor Prime November 25, 2003
A cross between the standard englih contraction "can't"(can not) and non-standard english contraction "ain't" (am not). This combination of contraction forms a powerful word encompassing "can not", "am not", "is not", "are not", and "have not".
English Standard: "I cain't get the tractor to run"
Ebonic: "Nigga I can't.. I'm high as hell"
by SomeDudePPF March 19, 2006
A word meaning "can't", but with a Hoffstromic accent to emphasize the impossibility of your suggestion.
Why don't you use the Kp to calculate the molar volume? You...you just cain't, child. You just cain't.
by professor elemental May 02, 2011
just another way of saying "cant" except with "aint" in it
Mike: "Aye bro can you kick it?"
Ricky: "Nawh dogg. I caint."
by RickyDollars June 07, 2011
A redneck dialect expression of defeat.
I cain't do it!
by Big Richard band April 18, 2011
can of paint or the number 287. for the lazy folk.
"Shit Rusty, I's fergot my caint back in ther house!"
"I have caint days to retain my virginity--when that last day comes and I'm still loose as a coffee can, say goodbye to the dreamboat with the nice ass."
by ellie evergreen November 16, 2006
This is a double contraction for:
1) Can but are not
2) Could but will not
"Sorry I c'ain't help you move today". You could do it, but you choose not to because you clearly have something better to do with your time.
by bandondunes October 22, 2009

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