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A woman's name, though often used for boys; it has become more popular in the the fairer sex. Cailens are usually beautiful, bubbly creatures with a quirky charm that enchants everyone around them. She has a hidden sexiness that only manifests when in the presence of exceptional gentlemen, usually of the Irish persuasion. Beware of Cailens though, for if provoked, can bite quickly with a venom that can render a person to a permanently weakened state. If you remain on a Cailen's positive side, you will be greatly rewarded.
Finnigan O'Leary: "Did you just see Cailen walk by?"
Connor O'Riley: "Sex on legs."
by Ardnek Lieh January 13, 2009
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A comical, carefree, fun kind of guy. The ladies love him but he can sometimes be shy around girls. Usually ginger or blonde. Cailen also likes to party, in moderation. Sometimes a very strange individual who keeps things on the down-low.
Person 1: "Hey, is that Cailen driving around in that shopping cart?"

Person 2: "Sure is. He is one crazy dude"
by Mark Connors April 13, 2008

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