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hardcore badass, a rebel
Colin Farell, James Dean
by Mantha M. June 02, 2005
The name originated in the late 1850's, mostly in the upper classes of Southern England. But as times have moved on in England, then name has gone down hill and is now related to being straight but very camp. Also the word Finnigan can be associated with bad sense of fashion, buying clothes from the other gender.
In addition to, the word Finnigan can be asscoiated with liking people with wierd names e.g. Arsenal, Chelsea
Josh:Wow, what are you wearing.

Steven:Red skinny jeans.
Josh:You look like a Finnigan
#camp #homosexual #red skinny jeans #queer #gay
by Beat box 1 June 19, 2010
People who run around bragging about how many bitches they've fucked/dicks they've sucked
quit braggin bout ya finnigans, you bunk wit bubs juss like your name wuz gilligan
by John Carter August 25, 2005
This person is extremely camp. The word signifies gay and queer. Normally if you are comparing someone to finnigan, then you would say that he is coming out of the closet.
Sam: Hey chris. you know that guy whos gay.
Chris: Who that finnigan over there
#gay #queer #weird #homo #fag
by finnigan.2001 July 12, 2010
A male possessing homosexual behaviour but liking various girls one after another to try cover up his sexuality.
He posses the need to make a statement of the way he looks just to overcompensate his homosexuality
pfff, have you seen that guy, he is acting such like a finnigan, and just look at the way he is dressed.
#finnigan #finn #homo #boys #gay
by Youknowwhoiamreall June 22, 2010
One who is displaying homosexual qualities; and could perhaps be a homosexual. Usually used when someone is acting in a bizarre "homosexual" manner.
"Damn, Tom has been acting strange lately." Exclaimed Roger. "Yeah, he sure is a finnigan." Said Josh
#homosexual #gay #insult #finnigan #queer #fag
by Joshua N June 26, 2008
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