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hesitant about committing oneself
He was cagey about giving his phone number.
by Milos Stojadinovic February 26, 2008
Usually relates to someone who most of the time, is being a scandalous, manipulative, adolescent.
Guy1: Hey, what are you asshole!
Guy2: Stop being a Cagey little bitch.
by OriginalWolf November 04, 2015
Drawn from the last name of actor Nicolas Cage, to be cagey is to exhibit the same level of bat-shit insanity as Nicolas Cage himself. This term is often used as an adjective to describe some of his more eccentric films.
The movie "Vampire's Kiss" is perhaps the most cagey movie that Nicolas Cage has ever been in.
Nicolas Cage is arguably at his cagiest in the movie "Deadfall"
by NicCageLuvr November 28, 2012
To be so big, dangerous, and/or awesome, that he/she should be locked up in a cage, like an animal. To be completely dominant.
Did you see that offensive lineman pancake that player? Yeah, that was cagey.

That guy's ripped, he's pretty cagey.
by TheRealApache September 15, 2010

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