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see nigger or nigga

pronounced like the "ca" in "cat"
the "f" and "y" in "fairy"

Is not a derivative of the Afrikaner word "kaffir."

Derivative of the Spanish word: "café," which, in context, means coffee-colored or coffee.
Frequently used to describe someone who is eaily identified as having similar characteristics with young black males assosciated with hip-hop culture.
Also used as a term of endearment among males like the frequent conotation of nigger.
"You are a fucking cafy, cut that out asshole!"

"Get your shit together nigga! I wont have no unemployed cafy dating my sister!"

Demand: "Come to bed, Massa."
Response: "Shut up you dumb cafy!"
by DontHate.Proliferate January 11, 2009
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