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fuckmuffins (n.)-
1. A sexual act in which a man or woman, upon sniffing a delicious aroma emanating from the kitchen or cooking region of an abode, travels to said region and overcome with lust thrusts the significant other onto the table which has pastry dough all over it. Typically followed by a deposit of gametes by the male in an untold orifice of the partners body or on the dough itself.
2. An exclamation made when overcome by typically negative emotion.
3. A type of pastry which has been made after sex.
Harry: "Hey Bro! How was New Year's Day brunch with the family?"
Andy: "Well, the brunch itself was uneventful, but the fuckmuffins before hand...Oh yeah!"
Harry: "You Dawg!"

Jacob: "Have you started the history paper?"
Nick: "No, when is it due?"
Nick: "Fuckmuffins!"

Sally: "What are you bringing to the party on Friday?"
Joey: "Fuckmuffins! Giggity giggity!"
by DontHate.Proliferate January 14, 2009
see nigger or nigga

pronounced like the "ca" in "cat"
the "f" and "y" in "fairy"

Is not a derivative of the Afrikaner word "kaffir."

Derivative of the Spanish word: "café," which, in context, means coffee-colored or coffee.
Frequently used to describe someone who is eaily identified as having similar characteristics with young black males assosciated with hip-hop culture.
Also used as a term of endearment among males like the frequent conotation of nigger.
"You are a fucking cafy, cut that out asshole!"

"Get your shit together nigga! I wont have no unemployed cafy dating my sister!"

Demand: "Come to bed, Massa."
Response: "Shut up you dumb cafy!"
by DontHate.Proliferate January 11, 2009

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