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{noun} the feeling that you ought to be shanking someone instead of talking to them, or at the very least no longer in their immediate vicinity. like the 'shining' (or 'shinning' if you're Willy), it's a sensation that comes over you. the urge to throttle or severely maim the individual droning at you instead of blankly staring and distantly smiling at them suddenly and almost inescapably dawns on you, and is followed by quickly leaving said individual (usually hanging in mid-sentence).

{also adjective with caenny, caennish, uncaenny, etc.}
EX 1:
"Dude, why'd you bail on Doug at the buffet?"
"He was boring me with his relationship details, I felt my caen coming on."

EX 2:
"Shirley, can we get out of here."
"Yea, that girl over there is making me caenny!"
by wopnyfool February 03, 2010

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