To hump ones leg or the side of their body furiously.
"Dude, Megan was totally cadened at the party!"
by Jam Masta J May 19, 2004
Top Definition
a hot as hell, ripped out of his mind, hunky piece of man meat any girl would go crazy to have. enormous penis, immensely popular, and has girls hanging off his pinky
"omg girll, that guys a total caden. we should just rape him."
by jimmy joe jangles January 10, 2009
is a popular guy, very athletic pushes himself over the limits, his name comes from Ireland and Scotland. His name means spirit of battle.

a very weird guy that's really nice.

lots of friends, mostly guys.
caden is a popular guy
by forever ya bae January 10, 2015
a sexy man beast that was created for the sole purpose of wooing womwn at el camino like kenzi, whom cooper cannot get. he is a man of honor greatness red backpacks and amazing eyebrows
is that caden???? DAMN HES FINE
by caden ghen February 25, 2015
Rambunctious, annoying, tiny penis, ugly, abnoxious and stupid. Smells like poop.
You are so caden.
by caden poop December 08, 2013
a fickle sort of male who makes women and naive little girls fall in love with them by incessent lying. He then dumps their sorry ass for his new intriging love affair and makes them cry little girl tears. He believes he is complex and nice... he is lying to himself.
"We've only been dating for a week! And he dumped me this morning for that girl? I can't believe he pulled a Caden! i was sure he was the ONE!"
*boo hoo*
by la bandit October 26, 2009
a complete man-whore, who thinks every single women on the planet drools after him. And has a tiny dick.
Your being such a caden!!
by Shaddap You Face July 06, 2009
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