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not straight, not square, not level, i.e. "crooked"
Those wingnuts that framed the house were stupid and now the walls and floor are all caddy wampus
by littlekicker November 02, 2009
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What old people say to kids to try and help them during the debacle of trying to fit a couch out an apartment door
You've got to caddy wampus the couch to get it out the door -or- You're caddying more than im wanpusing!Our caddy to wampus ratio is off!
by Couch Boy March 02, 2009
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An aggressive action taken by a caddy after working 18 holes with a group of wealthy, rude, crooked businessmen.

Unexpected aggressive action by a golf caddy who is about five degrees off center.
We were playing a round of golf one day and occasionally giving our caddy a hard time. By the 18th hole, I guess he had had all he could take because the caddywampus all with our own clubs
by scanner1 May 11, 2011
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