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When you break the sticks off of bottle rockets, creating a condition where lighting them causes them to fly in all directions, causing widespread panic in a somewhat confined space.
Q: How was camping?

A: It was pretty fun - until Arlo threw a handful of nigger chasers into the bonfire, then all hell broke loose
by littlekicker March 15, 2006
not straight, not square, not level, i.e. "crooked"
Those wingnuts that framed the house were stupid and now the walls and floor are all caddy wampus
by littlekicker November 02, 2009
Some of these are close, but it is important to note the etymological roots having their origin in the old Johnny Quest. Only more recently (read IRAQ War I) has its use broadened to pajoratively refer to a broader cast of brown people, esp. turban wearing.
There's a whole nest of Haji's over there, suggest we send some mortars downrange.
by littlekicker March 09, 2006

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