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male who likes to insert his penis into a men's ass. "fervorous cockerous buttilious"
related word to homosexual, foggot,Marica, roscon, etc.
" este man! es un severo cacorro, grande hijeputa!" which translates to this man, freaken "cacorro", son of a bitch.

also used as, criminal cacorro, chupa culo! which translates to criminal "cacorro", ass licker!
by ybos November 29, 2007
A Colombian slang word for homosexuals who look manly but who like to fuck men's butt.
See that guy with those arms, hairy chest and that beautiful girl? He is a cacorro....why? cuz he fucked me last night!
by Eddy46 March 10, 2008
In the gay slang, to be a "top" as opposed to be a "bottom". Cacorro is the colloquial word used in Colombia in jest and it usually refers to older men who like younger feminine boys; those men are tall, well dressed and display a virile mustache.
"the footbal coach is a cacorro"
by elmuano June 01, 2015
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