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The combination of two very attractive people's names, can also be used interchangeably with cock.
Hey did you guys see Cach today? They're so cute.

Hey you got a nice cach.
by ibelieveinmysmelf September 12, 2012
0 0
Something awful, poor, disgusting, or sad
He took a dump and it smells like cach

"My dog died last week"
"That's cach"
by JTV0777 September 01, 2008
3 6
Cach means: booboo, poop or o dookey
Man my stomach hurts i gotta o take a "Cach"
by Cleatus September 30, 2003
9 13
The "Cock"
Brawler has the biggest cach in the world.
by C.Phi January 16, 2004
8 13