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A silly term used to express ones shock towards something said.
<SuuparKewlGarl> I AM A LESBIAN.
<Paradigm> Oh, noeZ.
by Paradigm March 27, 2004
The act of caw-ing like an injured bird.
Welcome to Z103 The Caw... CACAW!!!
by Paradigm February 23, 2008
Derived from the word "anger" and put into a more slang form. It's simply another way of saying you're angry, except it sounds cooler.
Subject A: "DIGM. I am the ANGAR >8-0!"

Subject B: "OK! MY CARE METER IS @ 0!"

Subject A: "Angaaaar!!!11one"
by Paradigm June 10, 2005
A Garden-Variety Lamer, a lamer who shows the usual actions of a lamer, which include random cussing, mispelling of the simplest of words, forgeting usage of punctuation, and random gibber-ish.
<Kaiterra> Because I don't like getting random queries from GVLs.
by Paradigm April 07, 2003
The act of flailing hundreds of dollar bills in succession into the air with a group of baller buddies after the build up of a trance song in a dance club. Best done on the dance floor while watching the broke-ass douchebags try to pick up your bills to pay for their shitty beers.
Alex: The beats about to blow, ready boys?
Alen: Stunt like you mean it bitches.
by paradigm May 15, 2011
A cheap knock-off of the word giggy, coined by Kuni because he's a crazy british bloke.
<PuRe BaNgStAh> JIGGLEY!!!!
by paradigm January 29, 2005
Means "Moo-Out-Loud". Another way of just laughing at something, but instead, you moo... out loud!
<Example A> d00d I am not kewl
<M-C Digm> MOL!
by Paradigm April 10, 2005

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