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A cabbage roll is a rolled up bundle of paper money. A money roll.
Sherrie saw the size of his cabbage roll and knew who she was going home with that evening.
by ringmasterow January 26, 2010
A short, stubby penis that has been removed from a menstruating vagina.
"He pulled out and it looked like a cabbage roll!"
by Crispinbeating April 14, 2016
...very oversized inner vaginal lips (labia) that protrude from the outer labia and develop an untidy, crumpled look, very much like a cabbage roll...
"I was just goin down on that girl I met the other night, and man, when I got there, what a cabbage roll she had, those lips were bigger'n any I've seen...yikes..."
by Spyder James July 13, 2006
A person of Eastern European or Russian descent, often used in a derogatory manner.
That damn cabbage roll stole my car.
by Rob McKenzie August 29, 2005
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