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An antiquated means of distributing music tracks and other audio content, made popular during an era when vinyl discs were used to transport audio recordings. A vinyl disc called a "record" would contain a contiguous set of music from the same or related artists, often composing an overarching theme across multiple, ordered tracks. Later, this medium was replaced by cassette tape and compact disc.

The term has come to describe the release of multiple tracks from the same artist at once, without necessarily a unifying theme or order, and is often merely used to indicate a price discount for a bulk purchase of such audio tracks in digital format.
DMX released a new album this week, which is only 50 cent more expensive than his new single.
by ringmasterow August 28, 2012
A cabbage roll is a rolled up bundle of paper money. A money roll.
Sherrie saw the size of his cabbage roll and knew who she was going home with that evening.
by ringmasterow January 26, 2010

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