Manaf: Absolutely gorgeous, rediculously desirable, very intelligent, all the ladies love him! He is THE cabana boy!
I adore my cabana boy, though he thinks he is merely a sex slave!
by Lisa Miner August 19, 2005
1 n. The sissy fruitcake offering towels at resorts.
2 v. Proof that some males can be softer than the Teletubbies.
"Man, some nasty looking guy is hitting on me. He bought me a drink." "Relax, it's just the cabana boy"
#fag #queer #argentine #homo #biatch
by McNostril February 25, 2006
a little boy who is a joe who lives in the carabian working in a bar serving malabu.
see monley island 3
by gazza June 28, 2004
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