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a sexy guy with a tan that he gets from working out on the beach and serving the tourists daquiris and rum and cokes.
visit an island...fall in love with a cabana boy.
by Sam July 03, 2004
Nice, hot, young boy (race and income unimportant) who serves mine-or yours, should you choose- every whim. And I mean every whim.
"Oh Cabana Boy!!! I think I need another lime in this avacado daiquiri! And really, you must remove those wet swim trunks! They must bee so constricting!
by crackerjillian June 07, 2005
A young man (typically in his twenties) that gives a woman anything and everything she needs or wants as a servant would. However most of her needs or wants have a sexual connotation behind them.
I was at the beach and the cabana boy massaged my feet as I drank my piña colada.

The cabana boy fanned me with a palm leaf as I dried myself from the shower.
by El Moco September 02, 2005
hot, young man who serves my-or your should you need it- every whim. And I mean every whim.
"Oh Cabana Boy!! Do be a dear an grab me another lime for this avacado daiquiri! And don't you feel soooo constricted in those wet swim trunks? You really ought to just take them off."
by crackerjillian June 07, 2005
A sexy-based super hero.

He is hotter than a thousand suns, kinkier than a triple ended dildo, able to fill a leopard skin bikini with a mighty bulge.
After falling in a cosmically powered tanning booth, Bob found himself with newly acquired super sexy powers! He is Cabana Boy, Cock-slapping justice across America!
by Barbara & Bob April 23, 2008
Faluire turned to bargin priced sexual services, often of high education, ethnic, welsh background.
cabana boy moved to leeds to study chemical engineering, then had to resort to back street work
by Chemeng January 31, 2008
A low rent gigolo who is the playtoy
of some wrinkled divorcee with money.
From the skit of the same name on "MAD
TV". Most recently used in regards to
John Kerry and his super-rich wife.
He couldn't make it in Hollywood,so
he moved to Palm Springs to be a
cabana boy.
by madghost March 05, 2005
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