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crooked-edge, it is the opposite of straight edge, sometimes in mockery of it. basically a promotion of a drug-using lifestyle.
i have no idea what the other definition's author was thinking
by Mogli March 31, 2005
Crate edge. A sub-genre of hardcore punk originating in New Zealand. A pun on straight edge (commonly abbreviated sXe).

Crate edge bands share a philosophy that drinking is just fine and can be extremely enjoyable if done right. There should be no compulsion for anyone to not drink or to drink, as it is a personal choice. As such, it is opposed to the puritanical straight edge fringe that resorts to violence against those who do not share their ideals.

Originated in New Zealand by bands such as Syphilis Bitch and P City Punks.
"Damn, is the sun coming up already? I've been drinking since breakfast yesterday."

"Mate, that is so cXe!"
by Ice-P November 12, 2007
A mix of sXe and hXc, straight-edge and hardcore respectively. Literally, core-edge.
It's a Good Charlotte wannabe! How cuuuuute!!! OMG this cXe’s name is… uh… how about Poochie?
by StudyPunkRockism September 21, 2004
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