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The c.moore is decscibed as a very rare breed as it is half a humanoid, quater ET and quater hobbit/smegal. The c.moore has big ears that are often used as radars and very bushy curly hair to keep warm.
"look over there!! The C.Moore is there in that hedge!!!
by Tom Elgie May 13, 2006
A nocturnal creature that scavenges through and destroys mailboxes, hoping to find an Arnold Palmer iced tea lemonade, even if it is empty. Natural prey of the ferocious predator species type, Vigz.
Person 1: Is that a Cmoore in our mailbox?
Person 2: Yeah, I think so, should I get the camera?
Person 1: No, no one will believe us, just hide the Arnold Palmers.
by ArobV June 11, 2009
Derived from the name of a strange quaker, "cmoore" refers to a person with little to do in life besides Tatiana.
Cmoore Tati; Look up Tati too!
by My name! January 03, 2005
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