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A cigarillo blunt filled with marijuana
Lets go smoke that C Lo
by Abdihl August 10, 2005
A single piece of clothing; a shirt, a hat.
"What are you getting Amy for Christmas?" "Oh, I don't know; probably a clo."
by Tom Brenholts December 04, 2007
shit son, C.Lo is the numba one stunna
shit son, there goes C.Lo...
by janey December 27, 2004
shitz game dat me and seminole 407 crew playz at lunch and sam alwayz cleanz up cuz he'z pro but his dyce sukk so he alwayz loses his money and givez him a gamblyn problem. thats pretty much c-lo
zhit i lozt all miyz moniy bitchezz!! i bet my watch!!! i hope i get c-lo!!
by Rel1ant November 07, 2006