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Bring Your Own Weed, created back in the day when i realized that the same people always thrown down and certain people may not throw down at all and expect to get down when the smokin goes on. so i decided that from now on any one that decides they wanna smoke either has to throw down on the sac that gets picked up or ya gotta BYOW
hey tonight either bring loot or its BYOW or ya cant get down on the blunt
by d-bizzle November 17, 2004
(B)ring (Y)our (O)wn (W)eed
Sarah and I are hosting a game night at our place on Wednesday. BYOW/B and we'll provide all the food!
by RogerMcEwan November 30, 2015
Bring your own water.
Jake Benton: Hey btw everyone party at Jakes tomorrow
Jake Ware: Yup.. B.Y.O.W. , and pants stay on Zach
by Fishie83 November 27, 2011
aka Bring Your Own Whatever.
it's an anarchist acronym born in italy to state that, basically, your party / event is open to anything that will please you, as long as you bring it yourself and can be experienced in mutual freedom.
Somewhere at 21:00
free entry
open bar
by NihilTristan August 06, 2013
Bring your own wig. This is in reference to gnarly girl with a dike-ish haircut.
I can't believe she shaved her head! Hookin up with her is def a B.Y.O.W. situation
by sickbeats May 16, 2007
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