Boned ya mum. Yet another reply tro everything people say to you. Ask a question, its your simple reply.
Ow are ya 2day?
Boned ya mum

what did u do today?
by Phunin October 01, 2003
Top Definition
A combination bar and gym. A one-stop shop for athletic people who like to have a good time after hours.
Michael: What are you doing today?

Lindsay: Well, I need to exercise. And later I want to go out and have a few drinks.

Michael: Save some time and just go to the bym. They have good specials.
by BluthBananaMan July 22, 2010
BYM is the acronym for beat your meat

Also see BMM
Guy 1: Dude, I have a fun game. Try to see how fast you can BYM. It relieves stress!

Guy 2: BYM?

Guy 1: Yeah! Beat your meat!

Guy 2: Ah! Okay, I should try that sometime. I'll so shatter your record.
by SwannyJ April 28, 2009
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