Bwomp: Vommiting after getting punched or being struck in the stomach.
We were just messin around, and i dropkicked him in the gut and then BWOMP, all over my fuckin Puma's.
by El Tigre January 12, 2004
Top Definition
n./adj./v. - "bwomp" is the phenomenon that makes the body bump. It's a knee-jerk reaction to fun stimuli (esp. music) that causes people to people dance and/or act in a way that makes them feel good, without regard to outside perception.
adj: "Hell yeah- that's some bwomp beats right there!"

n: "Give me that bwomp so I can turn the party out."

v: "Excuse me while I bwomp my face off."
by Ev-1 October 25, 2011
One Of Mushroomhead Songs Featured On "Superbuick" And "XX"
Mrh Is Fucking AWESOME
by Tyrant January 25, 2004
an adjective describing a zoned and just plain out-of-it state of mind. it can be used to describe somebody who is drunk or fucked up in a bwomp sort of way, it basically means what it sounds like. bwomp can be used quite appropriately when one is thoughroughly blazed out of one's skull.
"Holy Shit! I just ripped down 8 bong bowls to myself and im feelin Bwomp-tastic!"
by Captain Saltydog December 01, 2005
B.W.O.M.P. = Being Wasted On Mad Party

Basically having a good time with the homies and getting trashed...XP
Let's BWOMP it tonight!

Dude! I was so bwomped last nite, I don't know even know what happened!
by elyts onipilif August 21, 2009
Song by Mushroomhead on SuperBuick and XX (double X). Also is used to describe just how high you are after you some strong ass weed. In general it means so baked, you dont know whether you're dreaming, or awake.
1. "I can sing J Mann's rap on the song Bwomp"

2. " fucking bwomped"
by BM Skullman July 19, 2007
1.) Pretty much the same meaning as being a BAMF
2.)Nothing is cooler than you
Mike is so Bwomp
by BAMF=BWOMP March 26, 2010
Comedy Gold; Comedy that is so overwhelmingly hilarious that it needs a different meaning that just 'funny'.

Also referred to as pure genius, as in which only a genius mind could think of something this hysterical.
Someone tells a joke.
Audience says, "Bwomp!" "HAHAhahaha, That is the best joke ever!"
by Biddy B King October 01, 2011
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