As own is to pwn, bwn is to bone.
She may be only standard-hot, but I would bwn her!
by 23419 February 26, 2005
Top Definition
Pwn is pronounced 'pone', so bwn is simply pronounced 'bone'.
Guy: Look at my bwner!
Girl: OMGBBQ, it's so big!
by djphotik May 30, 2006
The next level of "ownage" that comes after being "pwned." Can be used in everyday life, but more likely in the online world.
Player 1: Dude, I just totally pwned that noob in Halo 2.

Player 2: Yea, well I just bwned the rest of his teammates all by myself.
by Zippapants July 18, 2005
having skin that is brown in color .
The Used are not bwn..
by Roy Roy1651 August 16, 2005

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