a person or thing that ruins someones fun
It was such a buzz-kill when she barged in like that.
by Light Joker February 03, 2005
when someone or something completely ruins the fun of a moment. this can include anything, but the primary sources come from irritating girlfriends, cops, and running out of booze
The cops busted the party. It was a complete buzz kill.

"Zeke's girlfriend, Becky, was such a buzz kill."

It rained during the volleyball tournament. Kind of a buzz kill...
by somebodyhadtosayit February 18, 2010
While under the influence of Marijuana, the particular name given to a person who is annoying, sketchy, or just a plain dick. This can include making fun of people, calling them names, and ruining the whole experience.
God damn, no wonder everyone hates Alex Kraczek, hes such a buzzkill.

Jim:Alex whats up
Alex Kraczek: Shut the fuck up you bitch
Jim:Wow Alex Kraczek, you are the biggest buzzkill ever to live.

by Jman12345 January 16, 2009
The point at which batteries fail in your sexual aid.
“How was your evening?”
“Fine until the batteries died in my favorite Rabbit….talk about a buzz kill”
by Skee bb December 18, 2009
Someone who frequently ruins the good mood of a person/group of people.
Stretch is such a buzzkill!
by Steve103 October 20, 2008
Someone who bets the "Don't Pass Line" in craps.
The table was having a good time until the buzzkill showed up.
by Doohow February 04, 2010
A brilliant hidden camera show that aired on MTV in 1996. Dave, Travis, and Frank drove around in a white van developing practical jokes to play on anyone, anywhere. Classic pranks include the Spring Break Shuttle Bus, and "Super Duper Shopping Experience". The logo for the show was a yellow smiley-face with crosshairs over it. Should definitely be in syndication...
The Fake Olympic Torch run through Atlanta...
by Megan Rourke February 09, 2004

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