Kicking a scholarship player off a team for another player before they even get a chance to spend 1 day in college despite the player having done nothing wrong. Made famous by Buzz Williams at Marquette University. Similar to the act of Creaning, but in this case the player never even spends a day on campus before given his walking papers despite signing a national letter of intent to play at the university.
Despite having no scholarships available, the head coach made one available via Buzzcut where a player who signed a national letter of intent and planned on enrolling this year was cut before making it to school.
by Dante Inferno414 April 23, 2012
Top Definition
A head sheared all over with a clipper to a length of 1/2 to one inch.
Damn it's hot. I'm getting a buzz cut for the summer.
by Tom Sr. November 05, 2005
Very short hair cut , often in milary first used in world war 2 for hair cut that left very short stubble on top often called burrcut, its been modified through years to more derogatory references found here
Give that recruit a buzzcut
by Urban Sage June 25, 2011
A person or thing that creates a gloomy or antagonistic atmosphere during what should be a joyous and extravagant occasion, event, or party. Similar to a flatliner.
The whole party was anticipating Dan bringing several attractive ladies to spice things up, but he was labeled a buzzcut after arriving with a car full of dudes.
by Ethan T Brown December 20, 2005
A hot guy.
Whoa, look at that guy over there!

*Friend looks*

Oh yeah, he's a buzz cut

Yeah the buzziest
by omgomgomgombuuzzzzyy September 25, 2010
Nigga with a short haircut.
Look at that buzzcut on that niggas head.
by Mark November 01, 2003
the way you should not wear your hair
Eww!! You got your hair buzzcut? Um.. i think i can find a new date for the dance!
by cindy-lou who April 08, 2005
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