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Noun. Similair to cumberbuns freakshow ballgazer

Derived from Jerky boys charachter and adopted by many hardcore fans.
"Hello?, hello? Hey, how's it going buttnutt?"

"You look like a freakin' buttnutt riding your bike in those yellow spandex biker shorts!"
A person who loves anal sex.
He always fucks girls in the ass. He is a real butt nutt.
by Buttnutt November 16, 2009
1.(N) Piece of feces that is not expelled during a bowel movement; painful irritating.

2. (N) Person obsessed with butts: "Butt Fetish"
1."Why is Davey walking so weird?"
-"He just took a dump and probably has a butt nutt"

2. "Why is Pedro a Butt Nut?"
-"He is from Brazil, they like butts more than breats there."
by Chris! July 08, 2005
1. When u jizz in a girls cornhole
or when gay guys have fun
2. a person that desreves to be named after that
tyler safford is a buttnutt
by kelley olson December 09, 2003
people you dislike, such as sean meirs
that kid is a helllla buttnut
by nick September 20, 2003
when you jizz in the rectum
filling it with cream
by mmmm hostess May 20, 2003
When you shove your nutsack into a womans ass.
Dude i gave a buttnut
by Colin L. May 19, 2003

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