Buttmunch is a common insult used to describe someone with a disagreeable personality. Character traits that can define a person worthy of being called a buttmunch include but are not limited to: annoying, mean, dumb, sarcastic, etc.
No ones knows were the term was originally coined before it was used in Beavis and Butthead, which brought the word to mass popularity.
Haley: Blah Blah *annoying* blah blah blah

Daniel: Haley! Stop being such a buttmunch!!!!
by Sakari October 30, 2012
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a very irritable person. Hence the first definition.
"butt munch!"

"stop being such a butt munch"
by hmmmm... that person April 07, 2005
Butt Munch-
1. An annoying person that you would like to shut up.
2. A bothersome sibling.
3. A friend who is being a jackass.
Person 1: Hey man, you sure are cool! you have so many friends! I guess that's why everyone thinks you're such a winner

Person 2: Shut up you freaking butt munch.
by David Dugas May 04, 2005
n. Someone who is a source of irritation, thus becoming the target of another's animosity.
Syn.: jerk, wanker, bastard, fucker, creep, buttmonkey, asshole, shithead
"Give the kid back his ball, you buttmunch!"

"All you do is make fun of me. You're such a buttmunch."
by Tatari June 10, 2003
An annoying person, particularly a small one you can't call a worse name
Your little sis is a buttmunch
by Az December 14, 2002
Stupid or idiotic person.
Shut up you butt munch!
by SamiAtHami August 16, 2006
N. An annoying person who you can't stand. Someone you can't find a word for.
"Dude, stop being a Buttmunch!!"

"Don't talk to me! You're such a Buttmunch"
by IhYfF July 01, 2009
someone who is a complete ass face, and has an inexplicably large head. also finds it amusing to laugh at the expense of others, and is renound for being irritating.
Thomas Cope is a buttmunch
by xandi April 01, 2008

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