Buttmunch is a common insult used to describe someone with a disagreeable personality. Character traits that can define a person worthy of being called a buttmunch include but are not limited to: annoying, mean, dumb, sarcastic, etc.
No ones knows were the term was originally coined before it was used in Beavis and Butthead, which brought the word to mass popularity.
Haley: Blah Blah *annoying* blah blah blah

Daniel: Haley! Stop being such a buttmunch!!!!
by Sakari October 30, 2012
one who repeatedly corrects and/or mocks his or her friends, thinking of him or herself as a genius who knows all
When I told him I can do what I want, that buttmunch replied with "well, i say you can't, so ha!"
by agirlprovingherpoint March 19, 2009
A name you call someone when they do something wrong, or something doesn't go your way.
You Buttmunch, you didn't come to my lunch!
by Pregnant Ninja March 13, 2010
one who munches the butt, anus, ass, or rectum enjoyably
hey buttmuch, stop munchin the butt
by justin July 20, 2003
an insult for only the stupidest of stupid people.
like your younger sister (there all buttmunches)
by jrrj August 14, 2009
Someone who wears trousers that hang too tightly around the arse. The trousers are usually so tight, that it appears the the persons butt is actually munching on their trousers. It is not a pretty sight.

Related illnesses: Ankle Swingers, which often accompanies Butt Munching, or the type of person who it prone to Butt Munching.
"Oh my god, see that guys trousers!"
"Euw, Butt Munch"
"Those cheeks are going to start talking to us in a moment!"
by lolbeans May 17, 2008
A Mean and rude person , non appreciative.
God Dylan stop being such a butt-munch

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