When your butt falls asleep from sitting in one position too long.
"Oww I've got some major butt lock!"
by M-HO March 10, 2005
Top Definition
The pain and uncofort recieved after sitting for to long.
Oh my god that 3 hour long predentation gave me buttlock!
by Louis Hartford June 24, 2005
1. (literal) A lock of hair from ones anus.

2. (figurative) A jerk, spazz, unpleasant character, etc.
"Don't be such a buttlock."
by Lester Fresh May 16, 2003
When you realize you have done something so embarrassing
or compromising, your whole body seizes, you squeeze your eyes shut, clench fists and especially clench buttocks and imagine that your sphincter has snapped closed.
1.You are mocking your boss and he walks up behind you unbeknown. You're in buttlock.

2. You have farted noisily in the car after you think everybody has already jumped out at the mall only to realize that your future British father-in-law is still sitting quietly behind you, that is until he clears his throat. Ahem. Welcome to Buttlock.
by ironbeach January 09, 2013
Dreadlocks made out of but hair.
His butt hairs are so nasty, he could make buttlocks!
by KozySpike March 08, 2010
1. An anti-diarrheal medicine such as Immodium AD.

2. Constipation.
1. Man, that beaner food gave me the shits. I need some buttlock.

2. That fruitcake gave me some serious buttlock.
by Cap'n Sprack October 22, 2008
when you sit to long and your butt gets cramped up
Damn man this meeting is so long im startin to get butt lock
by reptilegod324 July 10, 2008
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