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The act of seeking out to locate cigarette butts for the purpose of smoking them.
I can't afford a pack of cigarettes. I should quit, but It's easier to smoke some garbage. I'm going butting.
by The Jayson July 09, 2009

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to go infront of someone without asking while in a line
hey stop butting me!
he butt infront of me in line.
by Hila-cool June 12, 2007
Similar to the high five or fist bump, Butting is a satiric trend involving two or more people bumping their bare butts together as a way to say hello.
1. I hate using the toilet immediately after someone else; we might as well be butting.

2. Hey, bro, will you take a pic of us butting, so we can post it all over the internet?
by Leroy Jonze January 07, 2014
Similar to 'cutting' but while cutting in line is to take a spot ahead, 'butting in' is moving someone to take that spot.
There's no chance of keeping her back when she's butting in up front for a better view.

We were gathered around for a private conversation but someone butted in and overheard the whole thing.
by Alfoo December 03, 2007