A term used mostly within redneck and trailer dwelling society. The action of excessive and unsubstantiated speach.
also see "verbal diarehea"
"Yea, cousine klemp wuz just a hootin' and a hollerin' about who was tha king 'round these here parts... sounded like a whole'lotta butthawk to me.
by Marques D. October 17, 2003
Top Definition
The punk movement takes the back door--a mohawk for your asscrack.
Dan's butthawk erupts from his crack.
by Zebulun May 02, 2005
Marques D tried to be clever, but then spelled many words incorrectly. For this, I salute you.

"My nemz Marques and I am haf not got teh spelinz"
by haze December 30, 2003
A leader of the once powerful native-american tribe who died by falling off his horse! The tribe then tossed him in the river walking away shaking their heads on how such a great leader could have died in such a stupid way...
1693, New York State...
by Young_Kitsune August 01, 2003
1)(N)A butthawk is a bird with an unusually large...yeah...
2)(N)A Native American leader who was (read above definiton)
3)(N)An annoying person, a butthead, or the way my little brother says 'buttock'
1)Look at that bird! Its butt is huge! That must be a butthawk!
2)Here lies Chief Butthawk...
3)Goddammit, Jones! Stop being such a BUTTHAWK!
by Def_226 August 02, 2003
I dunno, but it's funny!
*Can't type because she's too busy laughing and then laughing harder because she snorted!*
by Creamsicle God November 12, 2003
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