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A blue hedgehog...though a hero, is one of Knuckle's biggest rivals...and that is something we cannot cope with. The only thing he has that Knuckles does not, is slightly better taste in music.

Sonic buys donuts from Timothy's Dad.
Sonic is a Kilographic.
Sonic is a Kilogrump.
Sonic is big in Japan, land of Ochigawa.
Rival of Knuckles The Echidna
by Def_226 August 10, 2003
1)(N). A no-hope situation, in which the individuals involved are about to be so affected by upcoming events, it brings them to tears 'ehe ehe'.
2)(N). A situation that only makes the current one worse.
1) The cast of blair witch 2: book of shadows were completely innocent...yet they fall for the actions they had performed while possessed...what an ehe ehe situation...the tapes were played with, and they were rigged...
2)Jill Valentine had just fought off ten zombies and a pair of hunters. She rested against the wall, severely wounded, saying it couldnt get worse. Then, she heard heavy footsteps. Nemesis was looking for her. What an ehe ehe situation...Then, he came around the corner, and raised his bazooka...
by Def_226 August 02, 2003
(N). An event occuring in the background of another, more minor event, and yet, at times, may alter the foreground event, or may be adjacent or related.
Jimmy and Bob wondered if they would ever see Rupert again as he took to the sky. In the background, he rose into the sky, only to be struck by lightning and then hit by a plane. What a kilographic...
by Def_226 July 30, 2003
1)(N). A japanese butthead who likes to hide inside his house, who never turns the lights on cuz it 'costs way too much'. Has stupid little eyes and a big flat nose and only pays $1 donations that are meant for 100 workers, yet is the president of a company. Ochigawa says that its another issue. But we don't know...
2)(N). A (preferabbly japanese) recluse.

No hard feelings, buddy.
"That's another issue." Said Ochigawa.
Stop being such an Ochigawa.
by Def_226 July 28, 2003
A man that crosses the galaxy, the universe even, selling donuts. Rumor has it he also sells lemonade. Uses a spacheshuttle to travel. Very mysterious. Looks like an old guy from survivor. Belives to have ties to the Butthawk clan and has been seen before in the ranks of Sonic the Hedgehog. Being hunted by Knuckles, and many others. The spaceshuttle donutman was last seen selling donuts to Martians. Rumor has it that he is holding a major party at the Baked Goods convention at Venus, and is worshipped by Policemen.
Timothy's Dad is the Spaceshuttle Donutman.
by Def_226 August 02, 2003
1)(N)A butthawk is a bird with an unusually large...yeah...
2)(N)A Native American leader who was (read above definiton)
3)(N)An annoying person, a butthead, or the way my little brother says 'buttock'
1)Look at that bird! Its butt is huge! That must be a butthawk!
2)Here lies Chief Butthawk...
3)Goddammit, Jones! Stop being such a BUTTHAWK!
by Def_226 August 02, 2003

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