The idea or suspicion that someone may but attempting to screw you over.
I'm not really sure what Tom is up to, but I sense some intense buttfuckery at work here!
by Orion79 July 02, 2011
When the word using butt and fuckery colide the two compose to make something that is more than just having anal sex with another person, place, or thing, but to the extent of which no lube with an object such as a 20" double-headed cold steel dildo with dual vibration with heated points and assorted attachments.
"That guy just paid $250 dollars for another guy to give him a rimjob, thats absolute butt-fuckery!"
by Rim-jobba the hutt August 23, 2004
Expressing distain or dislike for something
Tom: " Man i worked so hard on my Science project and i only got a B+"

Josh: " Dude thats Butt fuckery "

by Cold_airwaves44 October 18, 2008
A place that really sucks. like a butt fuck factory. also used to describe the act of anal sex
"Man, my work place is a totally Butt-Fuckery."
"My boss enjoys Butt-Fuckery"
by Damon Mc.awesomepants December 15, 2005
To do something really stupid to achieve a goal.
Tom: The boss wants this screen to do something for a certain department for certain users on Mondays.
Mike: Well, you are going to have to do some Buttfuckery coding...
by Unsurreality March 26, 2010
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