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A small fly that appears in showers and bathrooms and annoys the fuck out of you.
Fucking buttflies everywhere man!
by Professor Moorti June 13, 2003
something that if, brought back in to the future/killed from the dinosaur age, would fuck up the entire world.
There's a buttfly on the bottom of your shoe!
by lol Shelbeyyy :] January 14, 2009
A person who is a nuscance, a buttfly, like the flies on a horses ass. Gay men who hit on straight men. Gay men who make unwanted advances on other gay men.
We had to leave. Buttflies were so thick, you couldn't fart without hitting one in the face.
by Jim Inman August 28, 2006
A condition in which flies fly directly out of ones butt.
Joe has butt flies! And now they are all over the office!
by daniem October 08, 2007
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