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Used in a complimentary context. One, usually female, appearing to have a execellent pair of jeans and a butt to go with them.
"Hey Jake, your girlfriend Katie sure has got some butterpants going on there yo."

After thinking it over, Jake concluded that Katie did indeed have a fine pair of butterpants.

"Katie, your butterpants are rockin b."
by J-Mexi March 22, 2006
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To have a great butt to be used in complimentary context.
"Hey Jake, your girl Katie has some crazy butterpants!"

After checking her out, Jake concluded that she did indeed have quite the butterpants.

by J-Mexi March 22, 2006
Used in complimentary context. (butt-er-pants) Describing a sexy butt. Also reffered to as a fine ass padonkadonk.
"Hey Jake, your girl katie has got dem butterpants goin on for shoo!"
"Yeah son, my girls got one fine padonkadonk."

Katie Was a butterpants kinda girl.

"Damn girl, let me get into those butterpants!"
by J-Mexi March 24, 2006

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