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nerves, stomach churning, (anxious), shaky, excitable
my stomach was butterflying all day
by BunnyWabbit November 11, 2005
11 7
When two or more people spread their arse cheeks apart and touch their bum holes together.
1. "Hey, I totally caught Jack and Jill butterflying behind the dumpster"

2. "Hey baby, we are in a comfortable and stable monogamous relationship, wanna butterfly?"
by Ric Tannerman January 31, 2014
26 0
watching/studying butterflies
i always go out butterflying on holidays.
by butterflylover February 07, 2011
3 0
A pledge to secretly perform charitable deeds for known or unknown people/groups on a random basis, as in performing random acts of kindness. It comes from the ancient belief that the small action of a butterfly beating it's wings can cause an earthquake on the other side of the world - small acts can make a huge difference.
His daily butterflying meant another session of guerilla gardening on the roundabout, whilst her butterflying was to pop a shopping voucher in the post to an address she randomly chose from the telephone directory.
by Megan Goodall January 25, 2008
5 4
The act of being extremely under the influence of marjuana
coming from the phrase hi as a butterfly
I was butterflying all day today it rocked.
by RSbuckwheat June 21, 2006
6 12
the act of pleasuring oneself with dirty thoughts in mind. often done with hands or other sextoys.
Lauren was butterflying while touching her ceasars.
by Trent F August 06, 2006
7 14