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a pussy with cum in it
Is your muffin buttered ? would you like me to assign someone to butter your muffin ? - buttered muffin
by Kode-Nik April 15, 2006
a vagina with sperm in it
nick was having sex with katie and he totally buttered her muffin. buttered muffins
by mista pimp December 17, 2009
A girl who has had many partners. (Primarily English)
I went out with this girl last Friday, but my friend warned me she was a real buttered muffin, and I decided to quit it.
by Muffin Eater April 17, 2009
After almost reaching orgasm from doggy style, proceed to ejaculate on your partners derriere and massage the fun fluid in--buttering the muffin
Afetr seeing her just once, all I could think about was giving her a buttered muffin
by Chadwick818 May 20, 2011
A girl's pussy and anus after somone butters her muffin. This is a sexual act involving oral sex to both holes, and half a stick of butter melted in the vagina used as lubricant for butt sex.
"Momy! Momy! Can I have a buttered muffin? The man at the store said he'd like to give me one and I REALY like muffins!"
by SPEDcial Forces May 19, 2008
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