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The act of pulling out during intercourse and shooting your cum on the outside of a woman's vagina.
Don't worry, I will pull out and butter your muffin.
by Urban Tony October 22, 2006
1. To take a tasty muffin snack and apply butter. Quite why it needs butter is anyone's guess

2. To jizz liberally over a girl's breasts (muffins)
"Did you get anywhere with Katy last night?" "Yeah, I gave her a pounding and then pulled out and asked her if I could butter your muffins."
by vaginallodestone March 18, 2010
These words are typically used to refer to unprotected sex. thus buttering the muffin.
guy: would you like me to butter your muffin?

girl: My muffin is buttered enough thanks.
by Becca-Lina August 17, 2011
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