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Butter her muffin:Have sex with her

From a classic line from the movie "Weird Science". Douchebag Chet (Bill Paxton) checks out crazy hot Lisa (Kelly LeBrock) and says he'd like to "Butter her muffin". This refers to finding her sexually attractive and the desire to have sexual intercourse with her. Lisa then transforms Chet into a pus spewing massive turd-like creature. One of the greatest comeuppances that ever comeuppanced.
Erik: Man, Kristjana is smokin' hot
Matt: She's not bad.
Erik: Are you kidding!?!?! I've give my left nut to butter her muffin!
by Gmonnaie August 07, 2008
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To place half a stick of butter in a girl's vagina, wait till it gets all melty, then eat her out and suck out all the butter. The the muffin butterer gives the lucky lady a rimjob and spits the butter into her anus, which is used as lubricant for buttery butt sex.
He decided to butter her muffin in home ec. because they ran out of flour and couldn't make cookies.
by SPEDcial Forces May 20, 2008
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