the most horrible form of ugly
dude, your sister is buttass UGLY!
by Dali June 04, 2003
Top Definition
The ultimate insult. It may be redundant and repetitive, but it does the job well.
Man you are such a buttass!
Shut up buttass!
I hate you!
by Myk Ogle February 25, 2004
an adjective used to describe everything...
"It's butt ass cold outside"
"That fire is butt ass hot"
"That was butt ass crazy"
"She is butt ass hott"
by 73029 December 16, 2008
An insult used by stupid people when they can't think of anything else to say.
Marvin: "Gimme those chips, turd fuck!"
Dwayne: "I'll give you some chips up your ass, butt breath!"
Marvin: "Up yours, butt head!"
Dwayne: "Butt wanker!"
Marvin: "Butt nugget!"
Dwayne: " ass!"
Marvin: "You're a butt ass!"
Dwayne: "No, you are! Butt ass!"
by omgnakedpeople June 06, 2007
A word to use when u r cursing someone off and running out of creative/real curses
Lori, you are a buttass
by Trout June 03, 2003
very, extremely, to a high degree
Damn! It is buttass cold out here!
by monty June 14, 2004
To describe a nasty ass taste.
Dude this Rockstar tastes like buttass!!
by cool cool. April 13, 2010
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